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Winter Luxe: Elevate Your Cold-Weather Survival with 6 Products Every Mom Deserves

woman woman bundled up in yellow hat and scarf in winter

We are currently freezing our butts off here in Cleveland. As winter settles in, moms deserve a touch of luxury to navigate the chilly season with comfort and style. Embrace the bougie side of winter survival with these five elevated products designed to make the cold months a bit more glam

towel warmer

Who else hates that icy feeling as you exit a nice hot shower? It just ruins the hot shower experience for us. But, with this towel warmer, you won't have that anymore. Just toss in your towels before you hop in the hower and when you are done, wrap yourself in warmth! Mom hack: This is also great for warming up jammies, socks, blankets, etc.



hot chocolate bomb sampler

Kids and adults alike will love these adorably shaped gourmet hot chocolate bombs. This variety pack includes flavors you love like mint, caramel, maple and more. This makes the perfect gift to bring for dinner parties or give to your friends just because. Watch the kids eyes get huge watching these sweet little figures melt in their mugs and make the best tasting hot cocoa. Vegan, peanut free hot chocolate bombs are just so freakin' adorable.

neutrogena hydro boost

It seems like we have tried every moisturizer on the market. But this one is the one that is always on our bathroom countertop. Winter's dry air zaps our skin of moisture and this restores it! A luxury product for a budget-friendly price.


heated blanket


It seems like most heated blankets are hardly big enough to cover your torso...but not this one...this is big enough to fit a queen sized mattress. With adjustable temperature and time settings, this blanket is perfect for those cold winter nights. And because having a heated blanket means you don't have to turn up the thermostat, it is energy saving too!


inflatable hot tun

The first time we sat in one of these, we were skeptical. But OMG are they fantastic! All the fun of a permanent hot tub for a mere fraction of the price.


michael kors hat

This classic cable knit white beanie is perfect to battle the elements all winter. The faux fur pom pom on top adds a bit of whimsy. The soft teddy bear fleece lining makes this extra warm! The perfect white color goes with EVERYTHING in your closet. NO more cold ears,


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