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Nesting Essentials: The Top 5 Postpartum Products to Have on Hand Before Delivery Day

Mom and baby

The anticipation of welcoming a new baby is an exciting and joyful time, but preparing for the postpartum period is equally important. To ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery after childbirth, consider investing in these five essential postpartum products before your baby arrives.

Postpartum care often involves soothing measures for the downstairs, especially after vaginal childbirth. Perineal cold packs provide instant relief and help reduce swelling. Think of them like a cooling maxi pad. Look for ones that are reusable and have a washable sleeve (for obvious reasons), Stash a few of these in the freezer before your due date so they are ready when you get home.


Comfort is key during the postpartum period. High-waisted postpartum underwear offers the support and coverage you need. Opt for breathable, stretchy fabric that accommodates your changing body. The hospital will probably send you home with a few pairs of these mesh underwear but trust us, you will want a drawer full...long after maternity leave is over.


If you plan to breastfeed (no shame or judgement from us if you don't/can't), investing in nursing bras with easy access is essential. Look for bras designed for comfort, support, and convenient nursing access. Having a couple of these on hand before your baby arrives ensures you're prepared for the early days of breastfeeding. And honestly, these are so comfy you will probably keep them in rotation through the toddler years.


A postpartum belly wrap or support band can provide much-needed support to your abdominal muscles during the postpartum recovery phase. These wraps offer gentle compression and can assist in reducing swelling. Having one ready to wear after delivery can contribute to your overall comfort and recovery.


Sitz bath soaks are soothing options for postpartum care. They provide relief and promote healing in the perineal area. Consider also having a perineal spray for on-the-go pain relief.


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