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3 Easy Tips To Get Your Postpartum Body Back In Shape ASAP

pregnant belly

Just kidding! You're doing great, Mama! Quit clicking on content that makes you feel anything less than epic and powerful for literally sacrificing your own body and making a damn human from scratch!

Don't listen to the fitness influencers whose full time job it is to work out. Don't listen to the media telling you that you've gotta bounce back a month after popping out a kid. You don't. You aren't superwoman. Don't let anyone guilt you into feeling shame because your body looks different than it did before baby. Not worse...just different. And that is okay. It makes you human!

So, now that we've established we all need to stop fussing about our postpartum's some actual tips for staying sane after your baby arrives.

Sleep It Off

woman sleeping

Get some damn sleep whenever you possibly can! That is the key to healing faster and having the energy to take on the day with a crying baby. So what if you always used to stay up until midnight. Screw that. Go to bed at 8pm if you want. Things are different now, you have a kid.

Stay connected

Too often we isolate ourselves after having a baby thinking you just don't have the time. Make the time! Keeping personal relationships alive after a kid is tough but necessary. It reminds us that our identity isn't solely as a parent. It is also a nice respite from a crying baby.

Helping Hands

it is never easy to ask for or accept help for any of us...but it really does take a village to raise a kid. Most friends/family are more than willing to come over and help out. Whether that means babysitting the kid so you can make a Target run, or just coming over and helping fold laundry or load the dishwasher. You might worry that it would be a burden...but I assure you it is not. Never be afraid to ask.

We encourage you to share this article with the new moms in your life. We need more new moms to worry more about the bigger picture than their waistline and thigh gap.

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