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25 Heart Shaped Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day Gifts for $25 or less

galentines day party

Valentine's Day is coming up. And for those of us who celebrate with our girls every is Galentines Day. It is a time to get together with the girls over a charcuterie board and some wine and basically just tell each other how fabulous we are! But you can't let your guests walk away empty handed. We scoured the internet and hand picked our favorite heart themed products that will make great party favors (or hostess gifts)...and they are all under $25. Can't beat that! Apologies in advance for any heart/love puns.

Gotta love a good charcuterie/cutting board. Fill up this heart with all the meats, cheeses and fruits you want!

heart shaped wooden cutting board


Show your partner and kiddos how much you 'heart' them in the morning by making heart shaped eggs or pancakes

hearst-shaped Egg or pancake molds

Bake up some love with these heart shaped silicone cake pans. Silicone means it is non-stick but also freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe!

red silicone cake pans


Sip your heart out with these stainless steel, silicone tipped reusable straws.

stainless steel heart shaped straws


Heart shaped simplicity for your ears. These classic heart shaped studs send a subtle message of love.

heart shaped silver stud earrings


You can't help but smile when you make some heart shaped waffles

heart shaped waffle maker


Give your floors some love with this shaggy pink heart shaped rug.

heart shaped pink rug


Boil up a plate of love with this pasta.

heart shaped pasta


Mix up your favorite cookies and cakes with love using this sturdy heart-shaped wooden sooon

wooden heart shaped spoon


Add some love to your adult beverages with these massive heart shaped ice cubes

heart shaped ice cube mold


Take a loooooove. (Eye Roll. I'm sorry)

heart shot glasses


Its always cool to watch compressed sponges expand when they get wet. Use this stack to cleanse and exfoliate your face.

face scrubbies


Put a little love in the notes you leave your kids around the house with these adorable heart shaped sticky notes.

heart shaped sticky notes


Embrace your inner Elton John with these (admittedly ridiculous) cute sunglasses

heart shapd glasses


Washing dishes just got slightly more enjoyable with these sponges.

heart shaped kitchen sponges


The classic conversation hearts...but in miniature plush pillow form.

conversation heart pillows


Trust will find plenty of uses for this hole puncher around the house.

heart hole puncher


The cutest little ceramic bowls on the market. Use them at dinner for condiments or at home as a little catch all tray around the house

mini heart bowls


A fun accessory to give a nice ambient glow to the whole room

neon heart


Planning a trip? This convenient travel jewelry organizer fits right into your bag and keeps all your jewelry in one place.

heart shaped jewelry organizer


Round tea lights? Booooooring! Bring some extra charm into your candle display with these little tea lights.

heart tea lights


Where my Swifties at? Be in your Lover era with this classic mug

lover mug


This acacia wood candle holder would make a great centerpiece

tea light holder


Eat your heart out with these cookie cutters

heart cookie cutters


Perfect for part of a little vignette around the house or part of a centerpiece. Carved to look like hearts and bring food energy into your home

heart shaped stones


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